CNC gear hobbing machine

What we do?

We at EIFCO have been manufacturing conventional gear hobbing machines for over 40 years. With a single point agenda of seamlessly increasing productivity while enhancing quality, we ventured into manufacturing NC machines. The astounding success that came with the introduction of NC machines gave us the impetus to develop the Direct Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine.

Our Capabilities in manufacturing CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

EIFCO now offers a 7/8 Axis CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, model Hobber 250 R with direct drive technology for both the Hob spindle as well as the Work Spindle. (For Gears with up to 6 mm module and diameter 6 to 250 mm).

Features of the EIFCO Direct Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine – Hobber 250 R are:

  • 7/8 Axis CNC machine with Integral hob spindle
  • Very easy to operate due to specially designed User Interface and in-built dialog programming application
  • Capable of accuracies up to DIN 6/7
  • Completely indigenously designed and manufactured in India
  • Comes from an well established manufacturer with proven track record
  • Competitively priced
  • Short delivery period
  • Customized Tooling solutions available as an option
  • Choice of Mitsubishi or Fanuc CNC Controllers

This state of the art CNC Gear Hobbing Machine shrinks the cycle time drastically. Skilled operator is not necessary. A layman can be trained in less than 4 hours.

With our Direct Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, the cycle times can be reduced by 3 to 4 times when compared with conventional machines.

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Our Mission

  1. To share relevant and interesting information on Gear Hobbing Machines
  2. To showcase our capabilities as a solution provider for Gear Hobbing Machines

Our Services

  1. Offer a new Gear Hobbing machinery with the production capability to replace a few of the existing machines (both NC and CNC Solutions)
  2. Retrofit an existing Gear Hobbing machine with CNC System