Direct Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine – HOBBER 250

 cnc gear hobbing machine

Direct Drive CNC Gear Hobbing Machine – HOBBER 250 uses a direct drive Spindle and Table. The spindle and table are directly connected to the rotor of the servo motor there by eliminating the need for mechanical transmission elements such as gear boxes and worm gear drives. This results in unparallel accuracy that cannot be achieved using mechanical transmission elements.

hobbing machines

cnc gear hobbing machine


Technical Data EIFCO CNC Gear Hobbing Machine- HOBBER 250
Max. Workpiece Dia 250
Max. Module in Steel 6
Max. Vertical Slide Travel 350
Table Diameter 250
Centre distance b/w hob and work spindle axis (min/max) 0/220
Distance of hob axis from table surface (min/max) 160/510
Max. hob dia 120
Max. hob length 180
Hob head swivel angle * + 45 to – 30
Hob Spindle Speed (inf variable) max 1400
Rapid traverse axial 5000 mm/min
Rapid traverse radial 5000 mm/min
Rapid traverse tangential 100 mm/min
Total connected load 40 kVA
Weight of the Machine approx 10 tonnes
CNC Controller FANUC Oi MF